Machinery Preservation Club Of W.A. (Inc)

Social Outings


Members enjoyed a splendid Christmas lunch at their home in the Midland Railway Workshops on Sunday 7th December.

Stewart received the award for the Best Club Display for 2013.
George and Kerry received the award for the Most Consistent Displays at shows for 2013.

These awards were very well deserved by both parties.

The raffle of the Money Tree went to George and Kerry's visitor, who was most impressed, particularly with the plant, which was a native hibiscus.

Thanks go to the Committee for providing the meat, and all members who brought along the wide range of delicious salads and desserts.
A most enjoyable day to end the year.

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Members and Partners of the MPC met at the Perth Station on Wednesday morning, 20 March, to catch the train to Mandurah. On arrival at the Mandurah Foreshore, after catching the Shuttle Bus from the train station, a welcome coffee was enjoyed at one of the outdoor cafes - some even indulged in scones, jam and cream!

After a leisurely walk along the Foreshore and a very interesting wander through the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, where there was a fabulous array of paintings on display, for the Mandjar Art Awards for 2013, in the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, we all adjourned for a Seafood lunch at Cicerello's.

This was followed by an ice-cream from Simmo's, for some of us, before we walked slowly back to catch the Shuttle to the Station and then back home to Perth.

All agreed it was a most enjoyable day and plans were made to do it again at some stage.

Ralph and Michael 'in the frame' at Mandurah.
Can you see what I see.
I can!
Jack and Judy take a well earned rest.
This eating is serious business!
Can't I even have a Chip!