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We have recently received several queries via the MPC website, from various people looking for help with a variety of enquiries.

Carbide supply

From Barry Munt who lives in Tibooburra, North Western New South Wales; and who has opened a Central Australian Memorabilia Museum. He was trying to locate a supply of carbide so he could demonstrate his collection of carbide lamps. I did my best to help him and had thoughts of dropping some off next year on the way to Mudgee to attend the 14th National Rally. My chivalrous thoughts soon diminished after looking on the map for Tibooburra; which is 345 kms north of Broken Hill on the Silver City Highway; and also includes over 100kms of dirt road. Even so, Barry assures me they get plenty of tourists through on a regular basis. From the photo he sent me it looks pretty good, so if you are passing through, call in and tell Barry, ‘Ralph sent you’.

Hot Rivets

Phillip Thompson, a member of the Military Section of the WA Vintage Car Club, is restoring a 25 per artillery gun and seeks help with fitting "Hot rivets" to the armour shield. We passed this on to Peter Dymond, but if you can help, contact the writer at

West Arms

And from the Land of the Long White Cloud, a very interesting request with a West Australian flavor. A gun collector from Waiuki, North Island, New Zealand, is looking for information on a rare West Australian built 22 calibre rifle. I asked at our Tuesday work day, but no one had heard of the manufacturer or the rifle. However I knew of a gun dealer and collector near us and we paid him a visit. When asked about it, he had all the information required and also had a West Arms rifle. He offered to contact the NZ collector and help him with anything he needed to know. The collector showed Wendy and I his mind-blowing collection of guns and associated military equipment, and although I am in no way a fan of guns, this collection was something else. I have purposely omitted names in this item for security reasons and to protect the identity of the collectors.
I hope to get some information on West Arms at a later date and will do an article for OP& P.

Clayton and Shuttleworth

Tony and Sebena Gummer from Fielding, North Island, New Zealand, informed us that they have in their possession what appears to be a set of wheels off a Clayton and Shuttleworth traction engine, which they wish to sell. Again I passed this on to Peter Dymond, with a reply to Tony and Sebena, in which we thanked them for their offer but thought it a bit far away to collect; but if anyone is passing!

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